Thursday, October 25, 2007


SKATE is a video game that has recently brought back old skateboarding memories. Most of my skateboarding memories were good but some were not so pleasing. I started skating freshman year of high school and finished approximately four and a half years later.

While everyone in high school was doing extracurricular activities, I was out and about skateboarding. If one were to look at me now, no one would assume I was once a skater. However, listening closely to my speech pattern, you might be able to figure it out.

Skateboarding put a lot of excitement in my life. There are many situations the guys and I would get into. I recall plenty of times running away from cops, principals, or any authority figures. We constantly would find ourselves trying to get out of trouble. It would give us a thrill seeing how much we could get away with.

As I said before, skating put a lot of excitement in my life but it also brought pain. Falling was a reoccurring theme everyday. I would tweak my ankles countless times. Scrapes and bruises were always to be expected. However, breaking a bone was the worst possible thing that can occur in skateboarding. I broke my right wrist skating and had worn a cast for over 2 months.

Every time I play SKATE more memories come back. Skateboarding was a major part of my life, for it is one thing that has shaped who I am.

Let’s play SKATE.

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