Thursday, October 18, 2007

Left, Right?

At a young age, I became aware that I was a different: I am left-handed. It has not always been an enjoyable experience being left handed.

I recall a classmate in Elementary School telling me that I was associated with the Devil for being left handed. At that moment, I could not think of a single thing to say to counter argue her statement. Till this day, I can still hear that classmate telling me that.

It is has been over 13 years since I was told I was associated with the Devil. Finally, I have come up with a counter argument.

If being left-handed means being associated with the Devil then that is perfectly fine with me. Being left-handed, I have a good chance of making more than my right-handed counterparts.

According to a study done by Kevin Denny of University College Dublin and Vincent O'Sullivan of the University of Warwick, it turns out that left-handed males earn 4% more per hour than right-handed workers. It may not seem like a lot but no one would decline a 4% increase in pay.

Just like the researchers, I was surprised with the findings. They expected left-handers to earn less because “left-handers are living in a right-handed world. They are more accident prone and have more health problems.”

Denny stated that left-handers tend to earn more because they are more creative. This “points to neurological studies, which have shown that left-handers, particularly males, are better at divergent thought or thinking outside the box.”

Denny claims that left-handers seem to have the ability to adapt in certain and bosses must notice that. That would explains why left-handers would get paid more.

Being left handed might not be bad after all.

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La Professora said...

Being ambidextrous can be fun too.

The whole Left Handed -- Devil connection seems to come from the Latin word for left: "sinister".